9020store KN95 N95 Mask Disposable Breathable Protective Non-Medical Fack Masks For Health - China 10pcs
9020store KN95 N95 Mask Disposable Breathable Protective Non-Medical Fack Masks For Health - China 10pcs
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Please note:
1.This Mask is Non-Medical Fack Masks
2.The mask is disposable, so return and refund are not supported !!!
3.There is logo on the mask
4.The masks we sell are from several different brands. These masks may have different appearances, but the masks we sell are all certified KN95 (non-medical) masks. We will send masks randomly, the appearance of the masks received in different orders may be different. If you buy our mask, you are deemed to accept it !!!

*There are three types of masks,All is KN95 masks, there is a little difference in the design of the nose clip ,but the masks themselves are the same. These two masks are sent randomly

-Please note that due to the impact of coronavirus, all current logistics transportation channels have been reduced, and logistics transportation time is delayed. Dedicated line transportation may take about one month to arrive. Therefore, once you purchase this product, it will be regarded as your acceptance of delayed logistics time

***Under the influence of coronaviruses, the demand for masks continues to grow, and the mask market is in short supply. Courier time will also be affected. Now express delivery and special line transportation usually take 10-25 days. However, logistics information may not be updated quickly, and the specific arrival time depends on the actual situation. Please understand

Made of high-quality material, safe, soft and comfortable. Inner hydrophilic layer+ filtering layer + hydrophobic layer.
It can filter out more than 95% of exhaust, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, smoke and fumes, great for many occasions.
Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes. Simple steps for wearing.
By covering the mouth and nose, it prevents droplets from spreading. Effectively protects you from being infected with the virus.
Fits for home and professional use, perfect for daily use, outdoor activities
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